Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raid Courtesy

I'll begin with a quote, one of my personal favorites.

Henry Wheeler Shaw (Josh Billings) once said, “Genius ain't anything more than elegant common sense.”

  1. Show up early

  2. Be fully repaired

  3. Have appropriate elixirs/flasks/potions (this includes mana pots and health pots)

  4. Have appropriate food

  5. Have a full night's worth of class reagents (candles, anks, soul shards, etc.)

  6. Have all appropriate gear equipped or in bags (bear set, heal set, dps gear, resist gear, tank set, etc.)

  7. Have taken care of IRL necessities before-hand (potty break, dinner, slip the kids a Valium)

  8. On Vent, Teamspeak, Mumble, VOIP and/or responsive to spoken or in-game communication

  9. Have read the tips/info/bossfights from places like Wowwiki, Bosskillers, Tankspot, etc.

  10. Have appropriate weapon buffs if applicable (mana oil, sharpening stones, poisons)

  11. Have the appropriate Mods installed and UPDATED

It's a simple list really. I felt the desire to post this list because my last article focused so generally on raid and guild success. I feel the above are common courtesy and should be easy for any player to follow that wishes to raid. Let's discuss them for a bit.

Show Up Early

I've placed this as the number one rule because I feel it's simplicity mirrors it's importance. Showing up early helps to ease raid and guild tension. You have time to gather food, check your enchants and gems, buy flasks/elixirs, repair, etc.. It also allows you be be at the instance ON TIME. People are taking the time to come together as a group for a common goal. Have respect for them as they should for you.

Be Fully Repaired

Common sense guys says, “Hearthing out after the third trash pull to repair is rude and wastes time.”

Have Buff Items

I am combining a few points here because they are so closely related. Above they are broken out singly because for some reason certain people need everything spelled out in detail. In order for you to be as successful as you possibly can be, you must be buffed appropriately. To fail to do so will prevent you from being as effective as you can be. Bring extras, having more than you will need is always a good idea. I could go in to never ending detail regarding the types of buff items you can use and who needs to use them when but, that make's for a very dull monotonous read. If you need to find out what these items are for you, spend some time researching at Elitist Jerks or some other such site. Better yet, ask your guild, that's what they are there for.

Class Reagents and Set Gear

Have them. Use the time that you allowed yourself by showing up early to make sure you have an adequate supply. Again ask your guild members if you are unsure about the amount or type you need to carry. If you are a person that is expected to perform multiple jobs, carry the correct gear with you in the event that it may be needed. * Note: I have apparently always pronounced Reagents incorrectly.

IRL Responsibilities and Necessities

We all have RL issues outside of WoW. If you plan to raid try to take care of as many of them as possible before hand to prevent them from affecting the raid as a whole. It's understandable that not all issues can be taken care of before hand or even prevented. It's just a courtesy to everyone else to try to minimize them as much as possible if you choose to raid.

Vent / Teamspeak / Mumble / VOIP

If you have the ability to use one of these programs, please make every effort to use them. They allow for faster and more precise communication. However, I understand some guilds do not use them. At any rate you need to be responsive to whatever type of communication you use. Try to avoid stepping away as much as possible. <personal rant> One of my personal pet peeves is the never ending wait for someone constantly going afk for periods of time to do whatever it is they do. Honestly I believe this one thing has taken days from my life.... waiting on others to come back from some unknown place to continue to run. </personal rant> * Note: I like Mumble.

Know the Fights

There is a wealth of information available to you on these interwebs. Dozens of websites provide strategies to you so that you can move ahead confidently and perform your role in a raid. These help to prevent unneeded wipes and frustration. As a player that wants to raid and progress this should be one of your top priorities.


While some people don't use them, I do. They help you to increase your potential when used correctly. Mods like Deadly Boss Mods are almost a must for most raiders. I can't even begin to touch on each and every mod you can use to help your play. This is where your guild and research are your best tools.

It is a matter of courtesy to be sure. But, it's more than that, it's a recipe for success. Take the time for "elegant courtesy" and let your "genious" shine through.

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