Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Articles you NEED to read

This is a collection of articles that I have found recently. Many of them are from bloggers that I regularly follow though some are from outside bloggers. I think I may end up increasing my blog roll as I have found myself reading so many different blogs lately. There are some wonderful authors out there.

Lissanna from Restokin recently posted this article detailing the new Random PUG process. Restokin was the first blog I ever actually subscribed to. The article has some great screenshots and solid details about the entire process. There is even a nice bit about the new D/E option.

O-Digga (who sadly doesn't have an about me page) from World of Warcraft Philosophized recently posted this nice How To article regarding fishing in Wintergrasp. O-Digga was the first commenter on this blog and I honestly enjoyed discussing the topic with them. I have since followed his blog regularly.

Matticus from World of Matticus and No Stock UI reviewed Deus Vox Encounters. I have personally elected to use this new addon.

I'm not absolutely certain of the author on this one but I believe it is Sassafrasa from WoWStability. In a nice article posted Oct 22, they discuss QA2 and how to use it. I personally subscribe to this method over Gevlons. BTW I will be posting more about why Gevlon is NOT the god of gold making in my opinion.

And lastly Green Guts has posted a few articles regarding Goblin personality types. Oddly enough I found the first article right after I posted The Auction House Goblin.

I will be out of town until Sunday evening. I get to go to Jackpot, NV. And watch Diamond Rio!! I'm so not taking the computer with me.


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