Friday, November 20, 2009

Pilgrim’s Bounty Gold Opportunity

Today while I was reading the daily articles over at, I saw they had posted their OverAchiever article for this year's Pilgrim's Bounty. Being a bit of a "cheevo whore" myself, I opened up and began reading through what was needed to pick up all the achievements for this holiday. One in particular nudged the gold bug in me… The Now We're Cookin' achievement requires your cooking skill to be at level 280. I know a lot people out there, myself included; tend to be lazy about their cooking until they ding 80. This can possibly create a bigger market for the cooking leveling mats which can result in more of them shiny gold coins in your bank.

So I did what any normal person would probably do when they decide to power-level a skill, I googled it. Well, truthfully my default search engine is Bing here at work. Whichever you choose, the first cooking guide that came up for me was the WoW-Professions guide. From this guide I made this list of mats to farm that a person would need to power-level their cooking to 330 to get the achievement for Pilgrim's Bounty.

  • Simple Flour and Mild Spices – These are vendor items, but I've read on other sites people are too lazy to go the vendor themselves and will buy them if they are listed on the Auction House. You can also just make and sell the Spice Bread yourself if you don't want to be that person selling vendor items. The bread is an ingredient for Spice Bread Stuffing, needed for the achievement.
  • Wild Turkey – Speaking of ingredients for the achievement… You can find these guys in Tirisfal Glades and Elwynn Forest once Pilgrims Bounty begins.
  • Bear Meat – The best location to farm this would be either Loch Modan or Darkshore as the drop rate is close to 50% from the bears in these locations.
  • Small Barnacled Clam – These contain the clam meat for the next recipe. By far the best place to farm these is in Westfall at 32, 23. The crawlers there respawn rate is insanely fast.
  • Raptor Egg - Wetlands is your best bet for these eggs. They drop about 70% of the time off of the razormaws located around and in the cave at 70, 30.
  • Raptor Flesh – Head to Un'Goro Crater and farm the Ravasaurs at the entrance. The flesh is a 50% drop rate and there are loads of the mobs in this location.
  • Giant Egg – These can be farmed from either the Ironbeak mobs in Felwood or the Owlbeasts in Winterspring. Both have close to a 50% drop rate. The Searing Roc mobs in Tanaris have a 40% drop rate, so it may be quicker to hit those when you go after the Raptor Flesh in Un'Goro.
  • Bear Flank – These can be obtained in Felwood from the grizzlies and bears. They have a 40% drop rate and can be done at the same time as the Giant Eggs from the Ironbeak mobs.
  • Ravager Flesh – The Thornfang, Quillfang and Razorfang ravagers in Hellfire Peninsula all have a 50% drop rate.
  • Buzzard Meat – While in Hellfire, you can EASILY AoE farm Bonestripper Buzzards and Bonestripper Vultures. They also have a 50% drop rate.
  • Talbuk Venison and Clefthoof Meat – You'll find these mobs all over Nagrand and like most of the other drop rates in this list, they sit around 50% as well.

I would think that on Sunday, the demand for these items would start going up as people figure out they're going to need to get their cooking leveled up. Again, I just chose the first link I searched for and I think I had used this guide before, but there are many other guides out there. It would be easy to expand off this list and cover all the guides if you wanted to cover all the angles on the market.

Enjoy the holidays, Pilgrims!


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