Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It seems Technorati has their collectives heads up their asses. It is now November 24th, my submission to Technorati was October 23rd. During the first 2 weeks of the submittal process I had zero feedback. It was as if my submission never happened. I tried to complain but only found a minor link stating that they were experiencing delays and please be patient. Re-submitting only gave me an error. The last 2 weeks has given me a notice that states that the submittal process is still backlogged and to please be patient. Seriously? How patient am I supposed to be exactly? Hire a real live person to verify blogs if you have to, a month is a bit much. Now they have asked me to post this wonderful code, I did so and got a message stating that the verification process might take "Quite some time". What a joke. So for all of you wondering why I have jibberish posted on my blog... here ya go... UUFURFJA869B

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