Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JM2C's Deleted Response to Gevlon

It's my desire to provide the readers of this site something worth reading. Often times it's a simple story about my day. However, other times it's a genuine honest-to-goodness heartfelt opinion. My blog post might actually bring traffic to Markco which I find sad, but it will also serve as a lasting reminder of his character. In my opinion Markco lacks ethics as well as any moral fiber. It's fine to make money in your endeavors, it's not fine to do it with such a lack of integrity. Below you'll find some of Markco's reaction to his mis-step and Gevlon's subsequent article.

From Reader Subscription:

Awesome, a publicity nightmare has hit JMTC. That email you are looking at is an angered response by me after he childishly told me to get lost when I was honestly trying to help him out. I'm not peddling some shitty guide in backwater blogland, I'm actually selling the BEST guide online. That's right, it is by far the best one around, and I have had professional marketing gurus tell me that. I'm doing this to help people, and I tried helping the greedy blogger.

What does he do, he spins my words and turns it around on me. I told him if he said no I'd leave him alone, but he didn't say no, he instead wrote a childish response that flew in the face of what I was explaining to him. He also left out half the email which explained what I was talking about and 'softened' what I was saying.

Will I fight back against this low life twat? Nope. This blog is an amazing resource for players, I won't destroy it with posts discussing the blogger who makes personal attacks on me. I'm the bigger man. Moron of the week? I laugh my way to the bank and while he makes snide attacks to boost his ego, I give people gold guides worth far more than what I charge and provide the community with a free forum and blog. What has he done for the wow community besides brag in every post and boost his ego?

This is exactly why I know that my gut feelings along with the preponderance of evidence were spot on. Trying to fool people for profit is one of the sickest things you can do in my opinion. If you provide a solid service or product and you stand behind it with integrity you will succeed. Markco's actions and reactions have shown me and hopefully everyone else exactly where he stands. Integrity is something born within yourself. Doing the right thing when nobody is watching, when nobody will ever know, that's integrity. Shady underhanded deals speak volumes on his character.

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Cozmo D said...

His deleted post was a crappy attempt to save face and that back fired as well. He has also begun to make the rounds on the blogs to plead his case. FAIL FAIL FAIL. BTW Triv your work on this caused me to add you as a link from my blog. TY for connecting the dots on this one.

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